Leaving incrond for systemd.path

I’ve been having problems with incrond for months; after trying to upgrade from version 0.5.10, incrond would not trigger after a specified event occurred in the monitored path. After upgrading to version 0.5.12-9 (I couldn’t use 0.5.10 because of security policies), incrond has started behaving in a completely random way: sometimes it was triggered as… Continue reading “Leaving incrond for systemd.path”

Nagios plugin: monitor a systemd service

Here’s a tiny plugin to check if a systemd service is running: #!/bin/bash # # машины # # Check a if a systemd service is running # # Usage: $0 # #Nagios exit codes OK=0 WARNING=1 CRITICAL=2 UNKNOWN=3   SERVICE=$1   # Check service status   systemctl -q is-active $SERVICE if [[ $? -ne 0… Continue reading “Nagios plugin: monitor a systemd service”