SSH: No supported key exchange algorithms [preauth]

I’ve recently installed Solaris 11.4 on a VM and, as soon as I tried to log in remotely using SSH, my connection was refused straight away. First of all, I checked if the service was enabled: $ svcs ssh STATE STIME FMRI online 13:23:15 svc:/network/ssh:default I checked SSH directory under /etc and something was definitely… Continue reading “SSH: No supported key exchange algorithms [preauth]”

Convert .ppk key to OpenSSH keys

OpenSSH is the de facto standard implementation of the SSH protocol. If you use ssh-keygen with the default options, it will generate a private and a public key that will work with virtually any server. Unfortunately, out there are Windows users that bother Linux admins with .ppk key generated by PuTTY; both keys are stored… Continue reading “Convert .ppk key to OpenSSH keys”