Solaris 11: DNS client configuration

In Solaris 11, /etc/resolv.conf is managed via SMF (Service Management Framework). root@solaria:~# cat /etc/resolv.conf # # _AUTOGENERATED_FROM_SMF_V1_ # # WARNING: THIS FILE GENERATED FROM SMF DATA. # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. EDITS WILL BE LOST. # See resolv.conf(4) for details. nameserver View existing DNS configuration svccfg -s network/dns/client listprop config config application config/value_authorization… Continue reading “Solaris 11: DNS client configuration”

Configure an IP address in Solaris 11

ipadm create-addr is used to assign an IP address to an interface. Its syntax: ipadm create-addr -T address-type -a address/netmask addrobjipadm create-addr -T address-type -a address/netmask addrobj -T address-type refers to static, dhcp or addrconf (for automatically generated IPv6 addresses). addrobj is an identifier for the unique IP used in the system. dladm show-phys LINK… Continue reading “Configure an IP address in Solaris 11”