Converting between package formats

alien can convert between RPMs, DEBs, stampede and tarballs. alien requires that you have appropriate package manager installed. Its syntax: alien [options] [file] e.g.: alien –to-rpm [package].deb If you use Debian-based systems and want to install a tarball but keep a record of the files it contains in your Debian database: alien –install [binary.tar] .tar.gz

Package concepts: DEBs and apt

Using Debian packages You’ll use dpkg to install Debian packages: dpkg [options] [action] [package-files] [package-name] -i install -r remove -P purge, removes a package and its configs -p display info about an installed package -L list files associated to a package -c   –audit search for partially installed packages –force-things override defaults that would cause dpkg… Continue reading “Package concepts: DEBs and apt”

Package concepts: RPMs and yum

Basic concepts: Packages are usually distributed as single files Dependencies are the requirements of packages for one another Checksums verify the validity of the installed software You can create binary packages from source Using rpm RPM was developed by Red Hat for its own distro; RPM supports any CPU architecture. The convention for naming .rpm is as follows:… Continue reading “Package concepts: RPMs and yum”