Iptables: block all traffic except SSH

I needed to update some servers and block traffic generated by a lot of services. Since I couldn’t block every single service neither disconnect the network, I used this simple iptables rule: iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m state –state NEW -m multiport ! –dports 22 -j REJECTiptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m state –state… Continue reading “Iptables: block all traffic except SSH”

Flushing iptables

You can flush and reset iptables to default running these commands: iptables -F iptables -X iptables -t nat -F iptables -t nat -X iptables -t mangle -F iptables -t mangle -X iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT The -F command flushes all the chains and -X deletes empty (non-default)… Continue reading “Flushing iptables”