Enable SFTP on Solaris 11

Once you’ve installed an OpenSSH server, you also have an SFTP server. In Solaris, you should check if the subsystem is configured properly or not. Configuration is stored in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file: Restart the service:

Solaris basics: boot environments

Solaris 11 uses ZFS as root files system. It all started with a product called Live Upgrade, supporting alternate boot environments (ABEs), a copy of the root file system that can be used as alternate boot devices. With BEs it’s the same except you don’t need additional partitions. You use ZFS’s snapshots to capture a… Continue reading “Solaris basics: boot environments”

Solaris basics: booting process on x86 systems

On x86, the boot model relies on the BIOS. x86 systems instead of using a VTOC, use MBR. X86 counterpart to the OPB’s utility is GRUB.Solaris 11 uses a modified version of GNU GRUB 0.97. The variable bootfs locates the file system reader.kernel$ locates the kernel with additional parameter.module$ locates the boot archive. Once you… Continue reading “Solaris basics: booting process on x86 systems”

Solaris basics: booting process on SPARC systems

SPARC systems rely on OpenBoot (IEEE-1275). The environment behind is a configurable and programmable session run by the OpenBoot PROM (OPB). The OPB utility sets up a SPARC system to accept and execute the kernel. The boot process reduces to four phases: OpenBoot PROM Booter Ramdisk Kernel The OpenBoot PROM starts by looking for a… Continue reading “Solaris basics: booting process on SPARC systems”